Things you should know about investing and doing business in New Zealand

New Zealand Visa

New Zealand is great country that offers some great investing opportunities for business investors, entrepreneurs & employees of relocating businesses. The business migration visa category allows business owners to contribute to the economic growth, attracts capital, and enables business owners to establish their business here. Let’s take a look the three different categories meant for individuals looking forward to a business visa:


The investor visa category is meant for individuals who wish to invest in a business & intent to live in New Zealand. Individuals can also apply for a residence under the investor/Investor Plus category or can also apply for a visitor visa (valid for two years).


This business visa category is meant for people who wish to establish their own business in New Zealand and can also apply for a residence once they have attained an approval in the form of the entrepreneur work visa. This visa is a great option for those looking out for a New Zealand business visa.

Employees of a relocating business

Employees of businesses relocating to New Zealand can also apply for residence under the Employees of Relocating Business Category. This category is a relief for those employees who cannot qualify for residence under any other prevailing category. All these types of visas altogether make the business visa category. In this article, we are going to talk about the entrepreneur visa.

Entrepreneur Visa

This visa category is introduced for entrepreneurs who wish to move to New Zealand or are looking forward to establish their own business in the country. It could also be your first step towards residence in New Zealand.

Let’s take a closer look into more information about this visa category:

How does this visa work?

The Entrepreneur visa is a 3 year work visa which generally comprises two stages:

Start-up stage:

In the start up stage, those who have already got approval on their visa are given a 12-month work visa. This gives them the freedom to buy or establish their business in the country.

Balance stage:

This balance stage follows for the rest 2 years of your visa. Once you have shown documents to the business migration branch indicating your business actions and have taken essential steps towards your business establishment, you will be granted the balance for your visa.

How can you attain balance for your Entrepreneur Visa?

In order to convince the business migration branch you surely need to showcase that you actually intent to launch or set up your business and have taken serious steps for the same. The following steps can help you in the same. Channelizing your investment capital to New Zealand 30174084-01_bigvia banking system

Actions that support your intention to establish your business:

  • Documents depicting your company set up efforts
  • Documents depicting the property purchase or lease documents for your site
  • Business equipment invoices
  • Documents like employment agreements, utility company invoices, bank statements

Documents to show you have started operating your business:

  • Certificate of incorporation
  • Property purchase or lease document for your business
  • Business invoices

Collecting these documents can actually help you in prove that you really intent to establish your business in the country.

Requirements for Entrepreneur Work Visa

In order to attain Entrepreneur Work Visa, the applicants need to meet the following requirements:

  • The applicant need to make a minimum capital investment of NZ$100,000 (not including working capital), unless this requirement is forwent
  • Must attain or exceed 120 points on the awards point scale which show the likely success of the business in New Zealand
  • Have a business plan associated with your proposed business
  • The applicant must not be involved in business failure or bankruptcy within 5 years preceding the date you have filed your application
  • Not have been booked or involved in any business fraud or financial impropriety
  • Health & character requirements set for residence
  • English language requirements

Are you a business professional looking out for a great opportunity to establish your business in New Zealand? If so, then the New Zealand Entrepreneur work category is surely going to be a great option for you.